Wisdom From a Movie

In the movie War Room, Miss Clara says, “If you want victory you must first surrender.”  Its one of the important stepping stones in our walk with Christ.  It’s where we put our trust in Him.  It’s not about giving up, it’s about whole heartedly knowing that God is the One.  Surrender.  We can choose to separate ourselves from this world, surrendering to God and His ways, and humble ourselves.

Miss Clara also said “There’s no room for you and God on the throne of your heart.”  And isn’t that the truth!  It’s like when my 10 year old son tries to snuggle up on my lap.  Oh how I love and cherish those moments, and reminisce about my nearly 10 lb. new born.  But honestly, there isn’t enough room for the both of us anymore!  As we love Christ more and our faith in Him gets bigger, I must take myself down off the throne of my heart and allow God to have complete dominion over my life.

Sometimes we hear or use the phrase ‘die to self’.  The first few times I heard this, it almost made my skin crawl.  Honest.  How are we supposed to do that?  And if God created us, why would we die to that?  And every day!  It seemed like a silly and insurmountable task.

However, I’ve come to love and appreciate that phrase ‘die to self’.  Because to me, it means what John 3:30 tells us, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  When I humbly set myself apart for God, I am allowing Him to be more than myself.  We can surrender ourselves to Him, the one who created us.  In that surrendering, I think it also allows me to fully be the daughter of the king that He created, and not what others say I should be.  He created unique beauty in each one of us, allow it to shine! 

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