My Dad says something to the effect that we are all spiritual beings having this human experience.  I like that.  To think we are created in the image of a Spiritual Being, and the fact that we get to have this human experience is pretty wondrous.

For a couple years now, I’ve wanted to write.  I’ve allowed the internal messages of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not a writer”, “you have nothing of value to say” and fears of judgement hold me back.  This blog is a first step, an outlet to develop my writing, share what I’m learning with others and make connections.   It’s also an attempt to keep all the random things I write down in one place!  A public journal of sorts.  It is my prayer that it would be used to edify, encourage, connect, and challenge others and myself to growth.  I love Jesus, my family and friends, and this classroom of life.  I’m even thankful when the classroom feels more like a roller coaster.  This is not going to be perfect, it’s a step in the journey.

I’m so thankful you’ve stopped by.  ~ Amy


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