Beauty in the Brokenness

This summer seems to have flown by. Just the other day during some prayer time I spoke to the Lord, “Well, August has come and gone. Help me to take this new month with thanksgiving as a fresh season.” And though we enjoy a new month, there’s a piece of me that takes some time to reflect.

One of the things that I’ve had rolling in my thoughts is a picture I took this summer while visiting Florida. It was during a time where I stole away for the afternoon to have some alone time, a peace-filled gift from God. I played in the water, picked up several shells for my kids, and scooped up sand.

As I sat and watched the waves, I looked over to a patch of sand that consisted of larger, pieces of broken shells. I thought to myself, “There are so few shells out here today. These are all broken!” But then a whisper in my soul, “There is beauty in the brokenness,” lyrics from a worship song, ‘Joy’ from Housefires II.

My experience of that little patch of beach turned from disappointment to one of beauty and wonder. Wonder at that fact that for miles, God had taken what seemed broken, and created beauty. He does that very thing for us.


When things seem dark, broken and confusing – we can choose to trust Him with the broken pieces. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5, ESV) His ways are higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:11)

He is the star breather and creator of the universe! I am whole and complete, but I’m also asking God to make something beautiful from broken pieces around me. He is well able! And I’m excited, because whatever the Creator comes up with will be beautiful. Can you trust Him with the broken pieces?

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