Made in His Image

My husband recently had a birthday.  I’m not the best gift-giver.  While I greatly appreciate and enjoy material things, it’s not my primary love language.  In fact, it’s almost on the bottom of the list.  So when it’s time for birthdays, especially adults, I’m lost on presents. Unless it’s something that I get excited and connect with.  Like my man’s birthday present this year. 

There’s this photo of his great-great grandfather (Mr. Craighead) hanging in his brother’s house.  He’s always wanted a copy.  So, this year that was the mission.  I didn’t get it completed in time for an official unveiling, but it has turned into this adventure for both of us!  We’ve spent time together and enjoyed making the decisions about the next step towards getting this project completed.  We’re currently looking for an old, oval frame; it’s like a treasure hunt.

Great-Great Grandfather Craighead

All that said, we’ve enjoyed having this ancestor’s face around the house.  We’ve enjoyed getting curious about what he was like and stories he would be able to tell.  It’s been fun!  The other night we found Mr. Craighead tucked into our bed.  (Kids!)  He’s a handsome fella, kind of like my husband. 

Genetics are fascinating.  My family breeds cattle and we’ve had many talks about genetics and how we take after our parents and grand parents.  The genetics on my dad’s side are very strong.  Our ears, blue eyes, long arms, facial structure, noses, hair lines and cowlicks are some of the most identifying features.  It’s fun to see how much my son reminds me of my dad and brothers, especially with his mannerisms.  It makes us do a double-take at times. 

Out of all of my husband’s family, I think my man resembles Mr. Craighead the most.  Sometimes, we don’t seem to look anything like our biological parents.  Other times, it’s undeniable.  But this old photo has captivated my thinking about genetics. 

We are created to take after the physical image of our parents, it’s the way for God’s pattern of us being created in His image, to continue.  Ultimately we are created to take after the image of our Father in heaven.  Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (ESV) 

Our Creator set the pattern for each of us to take after himself; and we are each a unique expression of what that looks like.  I believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, complete with the capacity to love and be loved.  To forgive and extend grace.  We are made with eyes to see, a heart to feel, a mind to create and explore, and hands to hold what is broken and also treasured.

No matter what our past is with your earthly father, or how much you “take after him” in looks, ultimately it is your Heavenly Creator Father that you are patterned after.  You are a loved and treasured possession.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), in His image!


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