What do you do with an experience so holy and unduplicatable?  You lose your voice; so that all you can do is sit and listen to God with open ears and an open heart, soak in His presence, and begin to digest all that has taken place.  Or at least that’s what I’m doing right now.

img_3852This past Saturday, I had the joy and privilege of being a part of Living Proof Ministry’s LIT.  One solid day devoted to and designed for women in their 20’s and 30’s who are being called to writing, teaching and speaking the Gospel.  I was blown away by the women who could have been speaking, teaching or ministering any where on the globe, but chose to spend it pouring into us.  And they did so in a powerful and loving way, not forsaking honesty and truth.  The intimacy level between each other and the Lord was palpable.

I don’t know where to begin unfolding my experience at LIT.  So many answers to prayer and confirmation.  But for every answer and confirmation, came five more prayers and questions.  So I’m grateful for the forced silence and rest which provide time to unpack questions and praises, and place it all before Him.  I desired to know the next step(s) on this journey He has me on, it was given.  Now, with faith I’m asking for the wisdom and discernment in knowing when to take them. 

I’m not even going to begin expelling everything that took place.  It was amazing.  I was in awe of the generosity and wisdom from all those involved, so that we all might prosper on the ground created for us to claim.  We worshiped, laughed, cried, stirred our brains and hearts, got real, and were trusted with so much.  Wow.


One thing I can easily share, is the gratitude I have towards two women who shared it with me.  I’m so grateful for their willingness to road-trip with me, pray, laugh, encourage, teach, speak truth, and bear witness (especially divine appointments!).  Pam & Mary, you are precious to me.  And I’m certain part of my voice loss is all because we laughed so much!  Thank you.

There were so many quotable statements I could share in attempt to sum it up, but I realize they are worthless unless the commitment to put them into practice, or take them to heart, is there. There is a stirring in my soul, and within so many others, that I can not help but be excited!  A desired goal of Ms. Beth’s (Beth Moore) for LIT was for the 750 young women attending to “Get LIT” with the gospel and the gifting and be unleashed on this globe.   Ms. Beth, I am LIT!  I am LIT and praying a fresh commitment to keep it fanned into a flame, with the help of Holy Spirit.


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