Change of Postion

One day last week, me and the kids packed up in the car and drove to Peoria to spend a few days with Yaya and Papa (Grandparents).  It was a spur of the moment, unscheduled fun.  We had a great time, but one of the things that has come to the forefront of my mind a few times since then was something my son said while driving. 

After a nearly two hour nap in the backseat, he sat gazing out the window. The day was cloudy and overcast, a few sprinkles every now and again.  We talked along the way, but as we got closer to Yaya and Papa’s house they began to get antsy.  We turned up the radio for some car-dancing and signing.  Jamie Grace’s song Beautiful Day came on as we exited the highway, we sang along.  But as we got to a line in the song, “Take me away, It’s a beautiful day yeah yeah yeah” we turned the corner; and from the back seat, “Mom, it IS a beautiful day!  Look, the sun just came out!”  “Yes!” I replied.

I loved it.  Had the sun just come out?  Not really, it had been shining for a while.  What really happened was a change of direction and view, he changed his position.  Isiah had been looking out the window at the dark clouds for hours, but when we turned the corner and changed direction he faced the sun and saw a beautiful blue sky. 

It was all about perspective and direction.  The window he had been facing gave him the perspective, or view point, of a cloudy dreary day.  We changed direction, and his perspective changed almost immediately.  And the timing of the song could not have been more perfect. 

How often is this true of ourselves.  We look at like through the same lens or window each and ever day.  Sometimes the window gets cloudy and its hard to see clearly.  Others, its nothing but sunshine and roses.  Or perhaps, we wake up to nothing but dark thunderstorms.  Maybe the sun is shining, but we have on dark and disparaging sun glasses.  It’s what we see through lenses of our past experiences and present attitude. 

We may not be able to change the situation around us at all or at least very quickly, but we can change our attitude and experience of the situation.  I can choose to take action or be weighed down by the clouds out my window.  I can choose to face the day with a positive attitude.  I can choose to embrace a few tears of release, give it to God, and then take an action step. 

Its choosing to dwell in gratitude and thankfulness for each piece of the day.

From the back seat that day, he immediately perked up and a smile beamed forth with this realization and change of position; and the thought that swimming would be possible.  I’ve thought of it several times since then.  Am I choosing to face the clouds or face the sun?    Whatever the answer, it’s always possible for me to change my position and view.    

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