Truth & Glory

Over the past couple of years the word glory has been peaking my curiosity.  And after studying it out a bit, the word now holds a different light and understanding for me.  It is this new understanding which supplied the inspiration for the name Glory Abides.  When I began to think of the ‘why’ behind writing a blog, it was because I wanted to teach, explore writing, and a love for the truth behind 2 Corinthians 3:18 where it says ‘from glory to glory’ or ‘from one degree of glory to another.’  We are being transformed, from glory, to glory because of the Holy Spirit!  I’m looking forward to sharing more on this in the future.

The Greek word for glory is doxa, and it means to honor, worship; the unspoken manifestation of God.  Then the next little bit of the definition takes us to a different place; opinion (always good), hence praise, honor & glory.  Opinion (always good).  This last little bit intrigues me. Upon a little more digging the word, doxa, also comes from the base word of dokeō which means forming or to have an opinion, appear, I think or seem.

As I begin to understand this word, glory, my personal working definition looks like this, “praise resulting from a good and accurate opinion or estimate.”  And, it’s always good.  ALWAYS.  It’s our the praise to God that results from a good and accurate opinion of God and truth.

Currently, my Monday night Ladies Bible Study is working through Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God study.  It is super powerful and God is using this study in awesome ways!  I highly recommend it, no matter where you are in your faith walk.  We’ve learned about several other groups doing this study right now, including some beautiful ladies in Swaziland!  So as we begin each session in prayer, I am gratefully aware of His heavenly army of Warrior Princesses tucked all over this beautiful planet. 

One of the first things we studied was the belt of truth.  And I love how Priscilla describes truth.  She tells us that truth is God’s opinion on any matter.  That’s practical to me, it sticks.  I can explore God’s opinion on any matter by reading scripture, and take what I think out of the equation.  I have thoughts, but do they line up with what God says about it?  Truth can be the ultimate filter as we do life.

As I worked through day one of the second week of this study, we were asked to recall the definition of truth and write it in our own words.  Well, I just wrote Priscilla’s definition…it was so good and simple!  ”God’s opinion on any matter”.  But now, when I hear the word opinion in reference to scripture, I’ve started to think of God’s glory.

A question began to swirl around me as we studied about truth being God’s opinion and it’s impact on us spiritually as we live life.  ‘What would glory look like in a particular situation?’  When I’m quickly plunged into circumstances which requires a response, sometimes a quick question to ask myself is helpful; a filter, before I do or say something which is less than desirable.  What would glory look like here?  How can I reflect God’s glory?  And in turn, I hope that my response would reflect God because I’ve girded myself with truth, God’s opinion and not my own clouded in judgement or finite experiences.  What would glory look like, act like, or think like?  I must, in my human understanding, trust and believe the true opinion of God.  Truth.

What would glory look like here?  Would it reflect light, love and peace to others?  Would it be glorifying to God?  I’m looking forward to testing this question! 



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