Stepping into the Jordan

In Joshua 1:2 the Lord says, “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the people of Israel.”  Those words from the Lord, “go over this Jordan” is a command! I can’t imagine what it was like for Joshua, son of Nun, and the people he was newly charged with. 

The Jordan river is named Yarden in Hebrew which means a flowing downward.  The root word it’s derived from means to descend (literally to go downwards), bring down, carry down, cast down.  The Lord is telling His people to cross this thing that means to carry down.  It was springtime, and the Jordan would have been overflowing it’s banks!  Perhaps even a mile wide in places.  Can you imagine?! 

Can you imagine what the Israelites would have been thinking?  Feeling?  I imagine some would have felt a “cast down” spirit in being called to cross this Jordan. 

What Jordan are you facing right now?

What Jordan is the Creator calling you to cross?  I imagine that it might be a scary one too, stepping into unknown and uncertainty.  

In starting this blog, I’m stepping into one of my Jordan’s”.  (God had the Israelites cross more than one river.)  It’s scary!  For a while I’ve written things in notebooks, on my computer, in the margins of books and studies.  It’s pretty safe there.  It’s not opened up for others to pass judgment about me, my beliefs, or journey I’ve been on as I grow and learn.  However, I have also come to believe that the greatest growth, connection with others and blessings in that connection will be limited if I just keep it filed on the top shelf of my desk at home.  I need to step into this river. I WANT to step out, growing, vulnerable, giving and receiving.

In the same space that God tells us to “go over this Jordan”, He also reminds the Israelites of His promises of the inheritance of the Promised Land and tells us to be strong and courageous!  (in Joshua 1:6, 7,9)  Three times he tells us, “Only be strong and very courageous”.  And then, as if he knows our hearts, he encourages that He is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9). 

We can trust in His promises.  We can rest in the reminder that He has prepared a way for us!  We can take courage! Psalm 31:24 says “Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!”

So, here’s a step into one of my Jordan rivers.  The landscape looks flooded with doubts, fear and uncertainty.  However, I am trusting Him and willing to have what I want, and it will be clearer with each step.  It’s not going to be easy, there are battles ahead.  But, I know the Promised Land is before me, a land of milk and honey.  And in that, I anticipate what is prepared before me. 

2 thoughts on “Stepping into the Jordan

  1. Amen, Sister! Thank you for being obedient and taking another step into your Promised Land…and for sharing it with us. 💗


  2. Oh friend! Yes, He calls us to cross the Jordan and it is scary. Thank you for encouraging me to seek the Lord in my own journey. Keep writing, Sista!


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